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DJ, Music Producer

Maxime Bouchard,  21, was born in the south of France and has been involved in the electronic music for ten years. He decided to start producing and DJing from Marseille to Paris under the stage name “SoundRose” conducted by Deep House and House Music.
SoundRose is in love with the melodies and harmonies of house music coupled with a catchy and groovy bassline. SoundRose has worked as a DJ since the age of 16, began to mix for evenings in high places in Marseille, until now, and had the chance to DJ in prestigious places in Paris and Nice such as Le Moulin Rouge.
Music production is his main focus at the moment. It is in order to be able to produce, create and deepen his musical knowledge with ambition that he’s been collaborating with several artists. Maxime is currently studying sound techniques in Marseille and aims to discover and work his ear on other musical styles, to be able to improve his productions and mixes.