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You have completed a track but it does not sound to your taste or you do not have the skills to do a great mix. We can improve your mix and make it sound professional, or the quality of your stems are not good enough to achieve a professional result. We can completely revise your sounds choice, instruments and effects used to create your track. We will add the necessary elements to make the overall production sounding great!

You must provide all the stems and MIDI files so we can rebuild your track or you can send us an Ableton, Pro Tools or Logic Pro project. This also includes the mastering.

You will receive samples for approval two times during production. We will have an open communication through email if you have any ideas or comments for the production.

After final approval and following the final payment, we will transfer you all audio stems in high resolution.

Delivery time: 2-4 weeks


You completed a track but you wonder if it sounds good or has any kind of potential. We can do a complete review of your track and give you constructive feedback from our team of artists. We will analyze the overall quality of production from sounds balancing to frequency coverage, EQ and effects. We also cover overall quality of arrangement, transitions between sections and break. We will tell you if it’s overloaded or missing something at different times. Where to place instruments in the foreground, middle-ground or background , whether to add or can reverb and what type of Reverb to use and why.

Delivery time: 1 week