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Nacim Gastli

Music Producer – Tunis, Tunisia

About Nacim Gastli

Enchanted, since the very beginning, by the sound of the guitar, by the sight of the Oud, by the touch of a piano key, by the beauty of music, Nacim Gastli was enchanted.
Enrolled in a music school, Nacim was thought to evolve into an artist, yet a room where to be guided by instructors wasn’t a space where to shape his talent, but a barrier instead that undermined his potentials, and art, art never comes from outside he thought, it’s not something to learn or acquire, it is a spark locked inside waiting to be enlightened and only by breaking free from the preconceptions that he was meant to find it. And so on he went on a journey of composing melodies, crafting musical textures and arranging beats seeking to discover his art at it’s pure state.
In one specific day, a tragedy happened, a happening that brought painful sorrows to nacim’s spirit, an event that left him in a chaotic obscurity.. Back then he has only seen the light in music, only the melody had the ability to blow his demons away, he wanted to feel the pain but the joy and serenity as well, and only in art such wonders could happen, two opposite extremes meet and blend together in a human spirit .. After days of converting his feelings into melodies and rhythms, Nacim acknowledged the uniqueness of his art when listening to his final product, and from this point, history witnessed the birth of Nacim the artist

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