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DJ &┬áMusic Producer – Seattle, Washington

About Samaha

Samaha is an electronic music producer, musician, and DJ currently based out of Seattle, Washington. With music having been a large part of his life from a very young age, he first began creating his own work during college, armed with a small midi keyboard and a laptop. Currently working within the electronic veins of down tempo, deep house, and techno, he is not limited by genre, and allows personal experience and a passion for exploration to feed his craft. His goal is to travel the world and soak in all the beauty and wonder within. Armed with a backpack, a microphone, and recorder, he turns his world travels and experiences into sounds utilized in his musical creations. Having performed his first club show in Seattle in 2014, first within the DJ duo group Cartographer, he has several shows at renowned venues under his belt. As a solo artist, he has grown exponentially within the past two years, honing his sound into something unique and separate from what often pervades the EDM genre. With plans to bring his work to larger audiences and to use his talents to bring dance music to new heights, he is constantly creating.

DJ Bookings: dwashington00@gmail.com
Guest Mixes, Promos, Remixes: samahabeats@gmail.com

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